Casa do Lado has developed a production of custom made furniture from recycled wood.

In the mountains of Minas Gerais in the heart of old Brazil , where the Portugese colonists found gold in the sixteenth century there are many beautiful old colonial towns and villages.
This is the part of Brazil that has the oldest colonial buildings and basilics and therefor also the oldest tradition of arts and crafts.
The most skilled painters and carpenters went to Minas to build and decorate the churches and they passed their knowledge on to their sons and daughters and that is why nowadays in Minas there are still craftsmen who are able to make pieces of furniture the way they made them already centuries ago!


Casa do Lado has formed a group of carpenters who produce furniture Minas-style made of the carefully selected wood recuperated from old demolished (farm-)houses.
We use different types of -so called- "noble woods" like : péroba do campo , jacarandá , pau brasil , cédro and canèla.
The old Minas-cupboards, any kind of table like console-,coffee-, side-or dinnertables , armoires, dressers , beds and benches but also whole ceilings and floors or any other custom made pieces can be delivered within 90 days to your doorstep.

Through the years we have developed a line of standard pieces that we can adept to clients wishes for a fixed price , but if you give us sizes and designs we can give you a quotation within 24 hours.

Casa Do Lado designs interiors for hotels and restaurants.

Examples here are from the trendy famous restaurant "De Kaai" in Antwerp.

Terrace, floor, fridge, tables, bar-stools, chairs all by Casa Do Lado.

Although the "Rough Wood" interior design is most suited for restaurants and hotels, private customers are equally welcome.

Tables, chairs, beds, cupboards, or even floors, ceilings or any other CUSTOM MADE pieces can be delivered within days to your doorstep.
call on *CASA do LADO* !