The patinated furniture made by Casa do Lado is all custom made in Minas Gerais , Brazil, with ''madeira da demolicao" , "demolition-wood".
Wood gained from floors and shutters and doors of mostly old farmhouses between 250 and 100 years old. The people from Minas , a  state with some of the oldest and richest  colonial history and -tradition of interior Brasil, call it "iron-wood"!

That shows some respect.. , if you see our pieces you can tell why! They are straight, strong and heavy , the wood is thick , dark and sinks in water , the style is ''robusto". It has allways been that way....

In the second half of the 18th century some of the best carpenters and painters found their way to Brazil and went straight to Minas for that was the center of activity and wealth in those days. The way they painted the mansions of the rich hundreds of years ago , gave us the idea to decorate our robust Minas-furniture: Our patinated furniture is often made with baroque ornaments of that period of colonial Brazil.

The fine skill of patinating and the rich earthy colours we use as a base result in a beautiful product with an extra dimension!

The hardware is also handmade in the old-fashioned way of colonial Brazil as you can see if you observe our hinges and nails and keys and locks.

Designs , colours, measurements , all can be customized , but the style remains the same :  Rough Magic from Old Brazil.

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Each of these cupboards has an own style and size and therefore is unique.

Right now we have these decorated cupboards, sideboards and tables in creation, so if you want to know more about them : call on *CASA do LADO* !